Aris’ New Branding Uniquely References The Distinctive Visual Language Of Film Production

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The creative and post-production studio known as Aris recently went through a massive redesign thanks to the creative work from The Office of Ordinary Things. Because the original branding featured heavy black details, the new branding used the color hues as inspiration with striking pops of orange and white details. While the branding is distinct, memorable, and bold, it's also minimalistic in nature, allowing the studio's actual work to shine through and become the main focus.

At the very least, you'll definitely think about all of those film director folks always framing things with their hands.

Aris is a creative production and post-production studio specializing in advertising, film, and branded content. We completely overhauled their brand identity, introducing a system that adapts as effortlessly to motion graphics as it does to printed matter.

Instead of carrying through the inconspicuous viewfinder reference of the existing logo, we distilled the idea down into a single motif lovingly dubbed “the notch.” This change gave us latitude to use the notch—either paired with or independent of the wordmark—in various ways including patterns, animations, and layouts.

The existing brand made heavy use of black, a common theme in the video production industry, with small touches of orange and white. We inversed this relationship in the new brand, implementing a bold, unrestrained use of orange to give the brand a distinctiveness and memorability that the previous brand struggled with.

Film production tools have a distinctive visual language with which Aris’ clients are very familiar. We implemented references to this language in unique, understated ways like the visible composition grid and the use of a monospaced font placed along the outer edges of a composition. Because the references aren’t embedded into the logo, they can be pared back (e.g. business card) or made more overt (e.g. t-shirt) to suit the context.

In addition to their client work, the studio created Miracle In The Desert: The Rise And Fall Of The Salton Sea, a documentary about the environmental plight of California’s artificially made saltwater lake.

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The Office of Ordinary Things (TOOOT) | @ordinarythings.sf