Art And Community Collide With The COVID Art Museum

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Throughout the darkest days of COVID, many people found that launching creative passions and designs made for a great distraction. We've featured multiple artworks and projects that came to be because of the pandemic. Everything from people like Jack Frost, who turned his post-graduate pandemic provoked free time into a personal challenge, or more literally, the feature on Safe Seasons that deliver well-designed COVID Kits to consumers.

The Covid Art Museum is the world's first art museum dedicated to all the creative projects that came to be throughout quarantine. The ingenious idea comes from three friends, José Guerrero, Emma Calvo, and Irene Llorca.

The companions hatched the idea during the first few days of quarantine in Spain as they noticed that viewing art became many people's escape during lockdown. They also saw that the creation of art itself was exploding in an unrecognizable way. They wondered, rightfully so, what would come of all the works. Would they disappear into oblivion, be shared solely with the artist's family or friends? Or could they be collected and recorded within a digital art museum?

The collection began on March 19th, and since then, the friends haven't stopped publishing new daily masterpieces. Not only is the idea behind the museum impeccable and clever, but the website itself is gives way to a joyful experience, blooming with artful treasures from the worlds of photography, graphic design, illustration, and motion design. The website design by Zhenya Rynzhuk and SynchronizedStudio is beautiful within itself through its use of a sound grid system and artful layout. You name it; this museum has it. The second you take one scroll through the site, you'll be filled to the brim with creative inspiration. For example, Max Bahman's grilled cheese mask, is an artful play on the cloth coverings we now consistently wear, and Ali Beckman's one-star review of 2020 is a hilariously quirky take on the rotten year are honest and artful renditions born from the past year.

One of the most extraordinary facets of this museum is the ability to showcase artists' work from all over the world with the capability of anyone able to view it, unlike most physical museums, where you have to be in the physical space to enjoy the work.

COVID times have not been easy to navigate—there's no denying that. But it's beautiful projects like The COVID Art Museum that prove how critical it is for community and art to collide during such unusual times.

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