B.O.B. Spices Up Yoga with Their Zesty Brand Identity for Juicy Yoga

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

While yoga studios are ubiquitous, the brand identities almost always look identical. Most studios center a minimalist aesthetic that places ancient mindfulness practices and stagnant meditation at the root of the design. While it does make sense, it can lead to understated, bland designs that can make the centuries-old practice feel more archaic than timeless.

Design Studio B.O.B., however, went against the grain and created an identity system for Berlin’s Juicy Yoga that was inspired by modern movement. Because the studio’s classes are inclusive and grounding, the shapes of the bespoke logo’s letters pay homage to the human body in motion, as well as the wonderfully juicy sensation of yoga’s deep stretches. The modernized design system is intriguing, especially in a space that often doesn’t feel visually refreshed.