Beelight’s Branding System Shines Bright

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PUPILA created the branding for Beelight candles around three descriptive words: simplicity, elegance, and humility. The dainty typography paired with the gold detailing is a clear representation of the brand's goals. The minimalism allows for the true essence of the candle to shine through both literally and figuratively. While some brands overlook the power of simplicity, Beelight is proving the dynamism of minimalism one wick at a time.

Through a lot of experimentation, some skin burns, patience and discovery, mother and daughter were able to produce a natural and unique candle. Without looking back, they jumped straight into the market with their handmade bee-wax candles, and started illuminating houses and offices.

The brand we built for Beelight is a clear reflection of what the brand stands for: simplicity, elegance and humility. A visual spark to illuminate us through these dark days.

Project Credits


Art Direction: Alfredo Enciso, Bruno Campos, Matti Vandersee & Marcelo Jiménez

Graphic Design: Daniela Rojas

Product Photography: Mateos Muñoz

Logo Animation: Alejandro Royo