Billyclub Develops New Visual Identity for ÉTS’

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The École de Technologie Supérieure offers an aborad experience for its students known as the "International Experience." In search of an updated identity, the program worked with Billyclub to create a branding system that would speak to students and inspire them to become more culturally knowledgeable through this specific experience. The result is a visual identity that uses a grid system elegantly and professionally yet filled to the brim with character and charm. The straightforward typography paired with the pops of color takes charge in an understated yet modest way.

The ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure) offers five options for its students to leave

abroad as part of their university career. These options are grouped together under a single program entitled "International Experience".

With an existing visual identity, Billyclub worked on overhauling the brand image for the "International Experience" program in order to better promote the offer to ÉTS students. A brand system has also been used for 3 of the 5 outgoing mobility options.

Project Credits

Véronique Lafortune

Florence Boudier

Charlaine Ly