Blop By Futura Is Yellow And 100% Mellow

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Yellow is in!

Futura, the Mexico City-based graphic design and branding studio, has developed the branding for Blop. The festival was presented by Fondeadora and curated by Futura. The inspiration behind the system was the COVID "bubble" that was born during the lockdowns. The result is anything but dividing. Instead, it's friendly, approachable, and bright. The identity is full of quirky movements, typography, and editorial photography that's sure to leave you wanting more.

It only makes sense that an art, design, and culture festival would have the creative ability to inspire you, and Blop and Futura have done just that.

BLOP is an art, design, and culture festival that was streamed digitally for two days in December 2020. Presented by Fondeadora and curated by Futura, Blop showcased 13 highly influential creatives based in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Barcelona that led us through the lens of various disciplines: design, art, gastronomy, illustration, and new technologies.

BLOP was born from the idea of breaking the "bubble" that isolated us during Covid’s lockdown; to break that barrier through culture, uniting creatives with new ways of perception. Based on this concept, Futura developed the branding for the entire Festival with images of balloons inflating to the point of breaking. Likewise, a rich and varied typeface was designed with alternative characters.

Futura wants to thank the support and contribution of all the exhibitors who made the festival a reality in these difficult times:

Veronica Fuerte from Hey StudioVanesa KrongoldAshby SolanoMagaly Ugarte and Daniela Anelisse from IglúMariano Sigal from Nosotros CincoMarta CerdàVero EscalanteScarlett LindemanMariano LascualEzequiel Pini from Six N. FiveEme CarranzaXavi Cardona from BoldtronRené Serrano and Norman Müller from Fondeadora

And a very special recognition to the festival sponsor: Fondeadora.

Make it Blop!

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