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New York has the blues!

Last month, like 75 percent of earthlings, I started a Tumblr. I wanted to document (and stalk) a certain NYC epidemic throughout my daily travels this summer. I call them “BBBs.”

Since moving back to NYC in January, I couldn’t help noticing one specific thing as the weather turned warmer. I didn’t notice it coincidentally, daily, or even hourly. No, throughout my daily travels I was seeing it by the minute. Flocks of them. Everywhere. No matter what race, class, height, weight, or style of woman, all of them had one thing in common–they were all wearing blue pants. International Klein Blue, to be specific.Like most boys, blue was my favorite color growing up. I would draw the ocean and the skies with my blue crayon. I would draw blue jays, blue fish, and blue sharks. My favorite basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, wore the color blue. Furthermore, because I have blue eyes, my mother would throw a blue shirt on me and say, “It matches your eyes!” I felt some sort of ownership of this color. It was mine, I identitied with it more than anyone, and because of that, it loved me the most. Silly, right?

Well, years later, I haven’t been able to shake it. I’m still drawn to blue in a very strong, and of course, very arbitrary way. It finds its way in my designs and illustrations more often than not. People think it’s “friendly” or “welcoming,” yet because of my affinity for the color, I just think it’s fresh. Apparently, so do New York women.

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