Bold Aesthetics Are At The Core of Twoo’s Design for Index Gallery

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Twoo, the Barcelona-based design studio, has created the branding and identity system for Index Gallery. The brand needed a visual identity that would reflect how the company strives to push creative limits while keeping aesthetics at the core of everything. Throughout the branding, you'll find bold type balanced with elegant and light typography, eye-catching bursts of neon green, and a structural grid system that keeps everything nicely organized and clear. Everything about it is impactful in the best way possible while still allowing the brand to focus on its powerful work of promoting artists and their creations.

Index Gallery started as an online gallery but it went beyond, digital and real met blurring the boundaries of what is what, with an internet aesthetics-inspired appearance, as seen with a bold use of a vibrant digital green.

For the typography, we picked an essentially Brazilian typography. Vinila from Flora de Carvalho and Plau Design was chosen because of its body and quirkiness, both representing the solidity of Brasília and the contemporary boldness of the new artists. Its distinctiveness comes from having powerful ink traps that go from elegant and supple in the lighter styles to commanding and impactful in the heavier styles.

For the website, we wanted to create an experience that conveys the idea of an index, with a layout that can hold a lot of information and makes use of dividers to organize the compositions, clearly inspired by the old yellow-lists books, we imagined an index from A to Z, with all artists and their works, representing the zeitgeist of the local scene, and creating a way to discover everything at once.

There is also a simple way to navigate, with a direct navigation system available at the top, allowing users to have a more traditional navigation and layouts that are predominantly white, giving emphasis on promoting the artist and their works.

Project Credits

Studio Twoo

Project in collaboration with @manufatura

Photos and videos: @frontfilmes

Typography: @floradecarvalho @plaudesign