BOND WITH PAL Wishes You The Best

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The coffee brand BOND WITH PAL selects coffees and designs and develops interesting small items for the brands. The branding system features illustrations and graphics that people are sure to bond over thanks to their friendly and captivating nature. The typography seen throughout the design is classic yet has an interesting taken through some of its small unexpecting details. I definitely feel like I could get along with anyone who enjoys this identity by NOMAD DESIGN.

BOND WITH PAL Banweipo Coffee is an original design coffee brand under NOMAD Design. It continuously selects specialty coffees and designs and develops interesting small items. I hope everyone will discover the beauty of life while tasting coffee.

The brand name of BOND WITH PAL Banweipo originated from the founder's understanding of sustainable lifestyles. In the increasingly alienated interpersonal relationship, through a cup of coffee, the distance between each other is narrowed, warm and caring. Make connections with friends, establish and consolidate connections between people. Products are only our delivery vehicles. We will continue to explore, think and explore, and become a good partner that everyone trusts.

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