Both& is a Transmasculine and Non-Binary Fashion Brand With Inclusive Design

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Dedicated to transmasculine apparel, Both& is a new brand filling a gaping void in the fashion industry.

Launching today, the upstart brand has a unique sizing system; instead, they concentrate on fit and function to make the most comfortable cut for transmasculine bodies. Emphasizing the focus on their shapes and proportions gives the transmasculine community a brand that they both want and deserve to feel comfortable in.

Finnegan Shepard founded the brand while he was recovering from top surgery in 2020. He spent a lifetime navigating the fashion world that simply wasn’t designed with his body in mind. As Finnegan spoke with other trans and nonbinary folks, he realized that he wasn’t alone in his frustrations with the fashion industry. Instead of waiting on change, he set out to make a difference through the founding of Both&.

“Of the more than five hundred people I spoke with since founding Both&, not a single person feels well served by what currently exists,” said Finnegan Shepard in a press release. "Our goal is to provide high-quality, evidence-based designs that help people in our community feel seen, safe, and empowered.”

The sizing and fit system are constantly evolving based on qualitative and quantitative data research. Both& also focus on using organic and sustainable fabrics while still flawlessly balancing the accessibility of the brand.

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi, Both&’s advisory design director, is one of the brand designers behind the photography, colors, wording, and typography. The visual identity is unparalleled in that it is gender non-conforming, and the logo is sleek, geometrical, and anything but monotonous. The color palette throughout the identity balances neutrals and neons in intriguing ways, such as pairing lilac with forest green and chartreuse with slate grey. The typography found in the branding is also unique in that it plays around with typical spacing to create a whole new look. Everything about the visuals and assets is innovative and inclusive, the perfect match for a new kind of fashion house shaking up an entire industry—the unexpectedness is revolutionary.

“I wanted to make sure that the brand identity was balanced along a delicate spectrum—one end being a fun, queer, and upbeat vibe, while the other was an idea of freshness, minimalism, and simplicity," said Liron. "I started building the brand components along that spectrum: the logo system, color system, and typography system—each having its own internal gradient of identity. For the logotype and typefaces, I searched for the perfect harmony between that cool, queer vibe and something that feels sophisticated and resonates with fashion.”

Photography is also at the core of the brand's identity, and Mischa de Stroumillo, Both&’s co-founder and art director, is an accomplished photographer with a background in fine arts and fashion. She set Both&’s storytelling mission apart by helping to guide the brand’s creative direction.

“The fundamental goal that guides my approach with our photoshoots is to make the subjects feel as comfortable as possible," Mischa says. "Most of the people we shoot have never modeled before, and given their relationship to gender and their bodies, I am hyper-aware of what I can do to make them feel relaxed enough to let down their guard.”

“Just as Liron needed to find a balance between elegance and queer pop, I have tried to find a balance between a beautiful, fashion-like aesthetic and a very natural, everyday accessible vibe," she adds. "My goal, just like Liron’s, is the goal of Both& as a whole; to present the diversity of the trans and gender-nonconforming community in a way that is simultaneously inclusive, welcoming and accessible, as well as aspirational, elegant, and beautiful.”

It’s one thing to create a product entirely missing from the market, but it means, even more, to bring extensive research from meaningful conversations combined with personal background. Both& is curating a space to share experiences, accessibility, and awareness that’s hyper-focused on bringing knowledge and understanding to the transmasculine community.

The first capsule collection made up of The Finnegan, The Tyla, and The Khazeel shirts are available for pre-order starting today.