Brand of the Day: Carbo Culture

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Carbo Culture has a mission to eliminate a gigaton of carbon dioxide annually by 2030 using a modular reactor that converts waste into biocarbon. While the biochar end product might leave something to be desired aesthetically, the result is indeed beautiful: a substance that is stable for hundreds of years, and can be used in environmental remediation.

While crafting the identity, the Helsinki-based Kokoro & Moi paid special attention to color, utilizing orange to symbolize the biochar-making process, and blue to indicate a sky—perhaps one free from the ills of carbon dioxide pollution. For the typography, Kokoro & Moi employed BrownPro, and they also developed a complementing host of pictograms and patterns. As the agency writes, “Two patterns, ‘soil’ and ‘air,’ bring extra spice to the whole. [The] soil pattern mimics Carbo Culture’s end product, biochar, whereas the dotted air pattern illustrates the carbon dioxide the company is cleaning from the air.”

All told, the brand evokes freshness, modernity and the future—which we hope it is.

Images: Kokoro & Moi

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