Brand of the Day: Parks Project x Pride

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At PRINT, we’ve long been nerds for National Parks—and have long been fans of the Parks Project brand, which donates a portion of every merch sale to a National Park–affiliated nonprofit. So far that has resulted in nearly 3,000 native species planted in Muir Woods, more than 30,000 junior ranger badges provided to the Zion Youth Education Program, 287 acres of the Great Smoky Mountains restored, 58,800 meters of trail restored in Yosemite, and on and on. Founded by TOMS vets, Parks Project has a 10-year goal of funding 100 projects and generating 100,000 volunteer hours.

Their newest line of gear, illustrated by Jesse Lortz, celebrates Pride—and directly benefits the Christopher Park Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining Stonewall National Monument.

Like most of Parks Project’s projects, they make doing good look good.

Here’s a glimpse at five pieces from the Pride collection, which delightfully employs the brand’s retro aesthetic, along with some of their other feel-good new releases.