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As they battled to bring home the World Cup, athletes Christen Press, Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe banded together with Meghan Klingenberg on another collective effort: the launch of re—inc, a brand created with the intent of challenging the status quo.

So far, they’ve done so with great design, in the form of their BW (black and white) Capsule and RWB (red, white and blue) Capsule streetwear lines, art auctions, a stirring poster series in partnership with Eddie Opera and his Pentagram team (below), and events—which have now given way to the collective’s latest offering.

Among re—inc’s stated goals are sparking global dialogue and inspiring social change, and in 2019 they held a lunch in LA and created a set of conservation cards for it.

After sharing some highlights with their community, they received a wave of feedback requesting the cards, and now, with design by Opera and his team at Pentagram, they’re releasing the “Reset the Table” deck to stir conversations of your own.

“These cards are meant to inspire thoughtful exploration, collaboration and reflection with others,” re—inc writes. “Think big, think differently and with purpose. Now that we are all discovering new ways to stay connected from a safe distance, these cards provide a way to continue to build relationships and community.”

The box set includes 21 cards split across five categories—“Revolt,” “Rediscover,” “Reimagine,” “Redefine” and “Renew.” Prompts offer questions such as, When have you felt a sense of belonging? How have you maintained it? And challenges like, Ask your friend, neighbor or family member to describe you, and see if it aligns with your self-conception.

Rapinoe has also been hosting “Reset the Table” dialogues on Instagram Live with the likes of Glennon Doyle, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, Deepak Chopra and artist Shantell Martin (herself prone to the explorative “Who are you, Are you you”), among others.

Here’s a peek at the cards. For more, drop by re—inc.


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