Brand of the Day: Together

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We tend to look at new identities like we look at tattoos—we often ask ourselves: Would we wear it?

And the answer with Zheng Jian’s identity for Together Agency is an unequivocal and enthusiastic yes.

Together is a design agency that prioritizes collaboration. So for the logo, Jian created a mark consisting of two ‘T’s that form a Roman numeral ‘II’ to symbolize closeness.

“Together is friendly and optimistic, but they also hold high standards for their quality work,” Jian writes. “Therefore, the Together brand identity is both playful and premium. The wordmark shows the movement of letters coming together, reflecting the agency’s highly communicative and collaborative nature. It also has a flag-like moving forward momentum.”

Spawning from the wordmark, Jian also developed a set of hieroglyphics that draw their inspiration from the proximity of the logo’s letterforms. Collectively, “They are the basic building blocks for patterns or special visuals.”

Now, to see if Jian is up for designing our next tattoo …

Brand and website design (and hieroglyphic lettering): Zheng Jian

Creative direction and oversight: Adam Chaloeicheep & Philip Johnson

Digital development: Jake Pfahl

Brand strategy: Marisol Dahl