Brand ‘X’ Changes What it Means to Be a Part of a Community

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The X Company has realized that there's a better way to live, and it's a members-only club for the continuously curious-minded people out there. The membership includes a living space, a workspace, a gym, a bar, and a social network that creates an environment where everyone is connected and part of a more extensive community.

Not only are these memberships saving people vast amounts of money, but thanks to Official Mfg. Co., the branding proves that this is a trustworthy company that's shifting the entire market. With dynamic typography, funky illustrations, and copy that's quick yet functional, The X Company clearly has a grasp on who their clientele is and speaks directly to them.

The X Company came to us with a vision of a better way to live in cities across the U.S. The concept combines attainable apartments, coliving, coworking, and an unconventional members-only club all under one roof.

Inspired by this approach, we developed a brand identity that can scale nationally between their different buildings, offerings, and programming. On the foundation of simple typography, colors and iconography are injected to reflect each distinct location, forming a flexible design system with a graphic punch.

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