BrandBox: Two New Episodes for Thoughtful Election Escapism

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It’s Election Day—so in an attempt to cut through the noise in a meaningful way, we’re serving up a double-shot of thoughtful exchanges from Tom Guarriello and Mark Kingsley’s podcast BrandBox.

First up: flags. Anyone who has driven anywhere lately (especially today…) has likely seen flags flying high—for Trump, for Biden, for Black Lives Matter, the “thin blue line.” As the hosts note, they offer a different level of political engagement than a mere lawn sign. Moreover, “Flags have an ancient connection for us as humans, as a species—flags became ways of announcing our collective identity amongst groups of us.”

In this episode—particularly enlightening in the present moment—the hosts delve into all things vexillology.

Show notes for this episode are available here.

And next up …

On a recent bike ride, Mark Kingsley came across a corporate mural in Brooklyn: “If you tolerate racism, delete Uber.”

In the latest episode of BrandBox, An analysis of branded “didactic platitudes” leads the hosts down a rabbit hole of corporate social responsibility.

Read the show notes for this episode here.

All told, if you need a little thoughtfulness infused back into your day, give these episodes a listen. They deepen our present moment, in the best of ways.

SVA Masters in Branding program // Music courtesy of Mikel Rouse // Dr. Tom Guarriello // Mark Kingsley