Break Into the Fresh, Joyous Design for BRISEE Bakery

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Bread is arguably the best food. Whether it’s dense, dark rye, or a light and fluffy sourdough, a bite of a warm loaf never disappoints. This sensory joy is on full display in OneSip Studio‘s branding for BRISEE, a nascent French bread company. The colorful design focuses on the process of creating fresh, delicious food. The cherry red, toasty brown, and lively blue tones produce a delightfully optimistic aesthetic. Charming, hand-drawn illustrations further emphasize the brand’s upbeat perspective.


Branding project for BRISEE, a brand that focus on producing healthy & delicious French bread. A brand that enjoys the rhythmic process of baking in its every state, flour, dough or baking!

Hence, the visual concept of identity starts with the process of baking. The logo started with with a lower height that gradually gets higher like how bread is fermented or a piece of classical music that has low and high notes.

Graphics showcases the three states of flour in diamond graphics that matched with the logo.Hand-drawn illustrations were included to give BRISEE a more dynamic and cheerful tone. Bring it closer to the consumers as a family-friendly brand!

Project Credits
OneSip Studio