Breeze: Breathing New Life Into a Council-Run Youth Activity Pass

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Breeze is a website for all kids under the age of 19 looking for things to do in the largest city in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Everything from summer events to art festivals to activities to partake in with friends, Breeze is a childhood app with purpose and pride.

The branding, however, needed a refresh, and thanks to KISS Branding, the identity system now better reflects the brand. The new system includes a refreshed logo, a new color palette, and updated unique brand assets, including custom stickers. The result is a system that's more approachable for younger demographics and their parents, a job easier said than done.

Strategic brand studio KISS has worked with Leeds City Council to rebrand their youth-platform Breeze ahead of the launch of a new digital membership and companion app. For the past 20 years Breeze has offered activities, events and discounts to 0-19 year olds across the city of Leeds. Breeze needed a refresh of their brand identity and strategic positioning in order to regain relevance and resonate with the next generation of Loiners.

With a multi-faceted audience of not only toddlers, kids and teens but also parents and tourists, the rebrand had to appeal to and be understood by a broad and diverse audience. KISS worked with Breeze and members of the Leeds Youth Council to explore the brand offering and purpose as well as its relationship to Leeds locals.

Accompanying the revitalised look-and-feel KISS created an extensive suite of brand assets including custom stickers (illustrated in-house by KISS) for the Breeze team to use across their social channels and future comms campaigns; future-proofing with council budget constraints in mind.

Poonam Saini, Creative Director at KISS Branding said:“We pride ourselves on celebrating young talent so working with a youth-focused brand all whilst getting to champion our home-town of Leeds really was a gift. Designing a brand that appealed to such a broad audience was no mean feat – but we relished the challenge. Sticking to our eponymous mantra ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ we landed on the concept of ‘Freedom’s a Breeze’ as a core brand idea.Breeze makes finding activities and discounts in Leeds ‘easy breezy’ so it was important that our new brand embody this sense of simplicity and contentment. The swooping logo and typography, playful yet refined colour palette along with contemporary, inclusive illustrations come together to create a brand worthy of the Breeze offering – a world away from the typical ‘Town-Council’ identity they had previously.”

Rosie Heard, Communications Manager for Breeze said:“KISS Branding really delved deep into understanding the purpose and meaning behind Breeze and helped us find our brand ‘soul’. The whole process was really inspiring and thought provoking, making the team question what, how and why we deliver. Not only have they created a brilliant brand for Breeze that fits purpose, but they have also helped inspire and reinvigorate our team, breathing new life into Breeze and everything we do.”

KISS Branding has worked with Leeds City Council to reinvigorate their youth activity platform Breeze with the creation of a new brand identity, website and membership app. The rebrand elevates Breeze from a council-run initiative to a desirable youth-centric brand that both the young people of Leeds and their families can relate to and embrace with pride.

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