CannaLab Pushes Beyond Cannabis Stereotypes

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CannaLab is a marijuana dispensary that is challenging the stigmatization of the "stoner culture," To do so, the branding by Control Studio takes inspiration from the brain's hemispheres to create the multidimensional logo. The right side of the logo "Canna" is made up of a more artistic typeface, where is the left side of the logo "Lab" is designed with a typeface that's more refine and logical. The color palette is also multidimensional, with shades ranging from solid red and black to vibrant chartreuse and a vivid blue hue. CannaLab has taken a more refined approach and is pushing past the stereotypes typically associated with cannabis brands.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, CannaLab is a cannabis dispensary that was ready to redefine the industry. Modern positive research and legalisation of both medicinal and recreational marijuana consumption across various parts of the globe have led to major cultural shifts and changes in attitudes. CannaLab wanted to capitalise on this and position themselves as leaders of change.

The brand needed to challenge stigmatization and traditional ‘stoner culture. It needed to reach newer audiences, people willing to explore their creativity and life experience, but to those wanting to take a more educated approach to a once illegal and misunderstood product.

Our solution reinforces the communication of expertise by blending the world of cannabis and science. Creating the name CannaLab was a way to celebrate the joining and transformation of marijuana in our current global market with science. We drew inspiration from the hemispheres of the brain to create the CannaLab logo, Canna being the right hemisphere, which has more of an elegant and creative typeface, whereas Lab, from the left hemisphere, has a typeface that represents more of an analytical and logical form. The graphic icon was created to further highlight the union of science and nature by fusing a marijuana leaf within a periodic table-inspired grid. CannaLab’s new brand, and touchpoints that it was rolled out to, has garnered much attention and given them a platform to express their vision on a global scale.

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