COLLINS Rebrand of Match Connects with Users

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Many apps aim to provide instant gratifications, from identifying what song is playing to sushi delivered on-demand. Even some dating apps operate on this paradigm, presenting potential matches with some pictures and a brief description. But some singles are looking for deeper connections that result in a satisfying, long-term relationship.

This is a process that requires more than an algorithm and is more about physical attraction and clever DMs. Unsurprisingly, many consumers looking for love are finding that the swipe-a-mate dating approach ineffective towards their long-term romantic goals., founded in 1995 and a pioneer in online dating, sought to reposition itself as the dating service that makes the right connections instead of just bombarding users with low-effort matches. The new visual identity and branding bring a more austere look, striving to be its customers’ dating concierge. Agency COLLINS' rebranding gave Match a warm and inviting color palette that’s more sophisticated and less designed around “engagement” and “user action.”

The new letter and wordmarks incorporate a heart aligned to the bottom, acting as a period, an end to the search for a mate, the ultimate goal of the service. Just like the new color palette, typography is elegant and gives the app’s new direction, which encourages users to give a more complete profile of themselves and engage in more conversation.

New photography is also warm and flattering, like a date taking place by candlelight. It’s romantic but still comfortably casual. It’s designed for connection, not necessarily hooking up. The brand’s new mood is positive and authentic, not aggressive or intimidating.

According to COLLINS, Match tested the new branding and saw 13% improvement across key metrics, clearly a good match with app users.