Conceptual Snack Luwak’s Branding System Makes Health Foods More Appealing

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Healthy food doesn't get the credit it deserves. Sure, when we were kids, green beans and brussel sprouts sounded as appealing as a spoonful of dirt, but now, healthy food is what keeps us feeling young and energized; plus, well, it actually tastes good.

Luwak is a conceptual eatery that's focused on highlighting the powerful world of healthier food. The visual system designed by Marco Oggian is bold and engaging, which moves in the opposite of most health food branding systems.

Utilizing editorial photography and complementary colors, this branding identity is welcoming, refreshing, and fun; everything healthy food should be.

Luwak is a new concept bar focused on healthy food and specialty coffee, opened in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. The Kopi Luwak is a small animal that gives rise to one of the most expensive coffees in the world, in a rather original way! We have created a visual identity system following the lines of this little animal, in a nice but powerful way. For the logotype we wanted to create a dedicated typography, based on a compact and compressed rectangular grid construction to define the bold character of this lovely place to the extreme.

Project Credits

Marco Oggian | @marco_oggian