Cumulus Proves That It’s OK To Have Your Head In The Clouds

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For The People agency designed an identity system for the Australian architecture firm Cumulus. With typographic word clouds and a word-mark in constant flux, the visuals tap into multiple ways to represent the environment itself. As someone with a specific love for sans serif fonts paired with a grid system, I'm swooning—it's a classic duo, the milk and cookies pair of the design world, if you will.

Cumulus is an architecture studio comprising 35 architects, designers ,and planners. Working collaboratively across offices throughout Australia, they’ve gained a reputation for progressive design and adaptive reuse in architecture. The new identity speaks to the ever-changing cloud of ideas, and the cumulative, collective conversations between design and space. The visual identity adapts to its environment, with a word-mark that is in constant flux, and typographic word clouds that communicate the core ideas of projects — all underpinned by a horizontal grid system inspired by cloud altitudes.

Designed by For The People