Unbox A Bauhaus Surprise With Derprosa

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Plácida, the graphic design studio based in Granada, Spain, worked with Derprosa, the leading company in the manufacturing and commercialization of laminating films for visual arts, to create a unique brand redesign. They took inspiration from Bauhaus principles that prize a geometric and abstract style. And, as any seasoned unboxing professional knows, there's something magical about opening a monotone carton to find a visual experience and multiple individual masterpieces.

In 2018, the Derprosa™ brand and its graphic arts laminating film plant celebrated their thirtieth anniversary. For three decades, the commitment to innovation and the development of new materials has brought a real revolution to the commercial printing and the secondary and editorial packaging sectors. In tune with these referential values, Derprosa commissioned us to complete a brand redesign with the aim of providing a unique visual identity to each of the more than 30 products that make up the extensive catalog of the company.

To do so, we based the graphic proposal on two fundamental Bauhaus principles which provide foundational concepts used in graphic arts today: form follows function and the use of basic shapes such as the circle, square, and triangle. A modular solution was proposed based on geometric synthesis as a universal and timeless language.

Designed by Plácida