Design Bridge’s KinderCare Brand Identity Builds Confidence For Life

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Design Bridge's New York Studio created a new visual identity for the leading private childhood education provider, KinderCare. The goal was to capture the value behind the brand and resonate with all generations, from children to their parents. The illustrations seen throughout the system are playful, approachable, and colorful, making for the perfect way to impact all audiences.

As America’s leading private childcare and early education provider, KinderCare brings joy to 165,000+ children across the US each day. To celebrate this incredible institution, Design Bridge’s New York Studio were tasked with crafting a new visual identity for KinderCare, delivering on their positioning of "Confidence for Life" through a distinctive and emotional narrative. Our challenge was to capture the incredible value behind the brand, resonating with broad audiences including teachers, children and their families.

The business is built on care and emotional connection, and this was core to our creative solution.Our playful and colorful design system draws from the iconic shapes in KinderCare’s distinctive bell tower logo to create dynamic new images symbolising the limitless imagination, endless potential and the building blocks of a child’s development.

We worked with kids through live painting workshops, helping us to understand the importance of discovery and learning through play. Our system of five simple geometric building block shapes can be stamped together to create impactful ownable images. Our democratized system can be used by the in-house creative team, center staff and even the kids in the centers—for years to come.

Once the building blocks are pieced together, a simple marker pen doodle can be added to create even more approachability. The typeface Castledown, inspired by the way children learn to read and write, adds a reassuring and welcoming touch. Jeff Spiegel, CMO of KinderCare, has commented that our bold new brand identity goes beyond what the category has ever seen, leveraging the emotion behind a brand that continues to put hard working families at the heart of everything they do.

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