Design Escapism: Getting High on Marijuana Packaging

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The days of buying a Ziploc baggy of grass from a friend of a friend may be numbered as legalization and Big Marijuana™ sweep the nation. What does that mean for designers and creatives? A whole new world of packaging challenges to take on. From concepts that aim to end the stigma of marijuana, to child-proof containers that keep your wee ones away from the weed within, the design industry has a lot of opportunities as this multimillion-dollar industry continues to boom.

How have things taken shape? Check out a handful of marijuana packaging designs and concepts below.

Garden Variety

Design by: Vicarel Studios, Denver

Adam Vicarel and his team know their way around marijuana branding. While the identity as a whole is wonderfully whimsical, the packaging truly stands out. The tins look more like tea canisters than THC jars. The hand-drawn nature of the labels makes this bud approachable without looking pretentious. And the brand’s swag is also to die for.

Native Roots Dispensary

Design by: Vicarel Studios, Denver

Native Roots is Colorado’s largest cannabis dispensary. With rapid changes happening across the industry in recent years, Native Roots recognized that their target audience was also quickly evolving. To combat the “pot head” stigma of days past, Native Roots hired Vicarel Studios to create a more palatable brand identity. The results are stunning and timeless, complete with a gentle nod to the original branding, via cohesive linear icons.


Design by: Luca Ribeiro (Lukthis Studio), Porto Alegre, Brazil

Weedo is a subscription service for cannabis users in Brazil. The brand’s goal is to provide members with everything they need to understand the use of the plant, while offering a signature club experience. The result is a brand identity and packaging that looks more like an Apple product than a box of formerly stigmatized goodies.

Willie’s Reserve “High Five” Pack and “High Five 2.0”

Design by: Isaac LeFever, Seattle

LeFever’s initial Willie’s Reserve “High Five” Pack design received a win in the PRINT RDA and a Gold Addy from the American Advertising Awards. It’s easy to see why—the two levels of embossing, the gorgeous illustrative leaves, and the mesmerizing color palette all work together to create a truly unique tin. It would be no surprise if the 2.0 pack took home another prize, with its equally beautiful art deco vibes and bright blue filigree.


Design by: Ebaqdesign, Brooklyn

I’m calling this one packaging in the form of brand identity—meet Medihuanna, an “accredited medicinal marijuana education provider based in Sydney/Australia.” Medihuanna is here to help health professionals handle the growing demand for cannabis prescriptions. While this branding may not be directly wrapped around your bud, Ebaqdesign has made medical marijuana easier to understand for doctors, and therefore easier for you to access, as well. A clean identity with a color palette from nature creates a trustworthy and welcoming vibe.