Did You Hear About Buzz, The Avant-Garde Sound Exhibition In Berlin?

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Sound is something we, as humans in this generation, will never be able to escape. Besides, I can't remember the last time I found myself in silence so still, so quiet, so deafening. From the hums of our overworked laptop fans to the birds chirping outside our dusty windows to the constant spinning of our laundry machines, silence simply doesn't exist.

Designer Alessia Oertel was commissioned to create the branding for an Avante-Garde exhibit in Germany that focuses on the auditory experience.

To showcase the creativity within the show, utilizing the loudest color of neon yellow was crucial in capturing potential visitors' attention. Plus, when paired with the exhibit's name "Buzz," the sound of the static creates an auditory experience from the branding alone. As a result, the dynamic identity is engaging and perplexing to all demographics, audiences, and sound enthusiasts.

In 2021 we were commissioned to brand a sound art gallery. This exhibition space will host sound installations, live performances, and workshops from leading sound artists from around the globe. Most of the exhibitors are provocative and instil a multisensory experience.

The client asked us to work on the naming, visual and verbal identity, environmental design, and other branding essentials.

Verbal Identity

The owner of the space is on a mission to make society more self-aware. He wants to start a dialogue with a very young generation. Traditionally exhibition spaces across Germany attract affluent middle-aged audiences. We wanted to change this perception.

To best capture what was happening at the gallery, we decided to name the brand "Buzz Soundart Galerie". This name represents the low humming of sound art and a vibrant atmosphere.

We wanted to eliminate the intimidating factor that comes with the traditional galleries. As a part of the verbal identity, we want the brand to be provocative and funny. Hence the slogan "No sound is safe here". Exhibition names take a similar approach. The first exhibition is named "This is the End".

Visual Identity

Type is central to the identity system. Words and phrases form simple shapes serving both as signages and pattern systems.

Humans, wires, and machines each have their unique sounds. We developed a series of noise patterns to represent the relationship between these elements in the concrete jungle. We chose Neon Yellow as our primary brand colour. It has both an industrial and loud presence that reinforce the intensity of these noises.

To create an uneasy feeling, we chose to show kitschy images of singing angels. We distorted these images based on the sounds from the installations.

Project Credits

Alessia Oertel