Drogheria Studio’s Design For Baglioni Hotels Celebrates Their Italian Roots

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Designed by Drogheria Studio, the branding project for Baglioni Hotels emphasizes the brand's Italian roots. The project is also inspired by Italian design and architecture from the '50s. Within the branding system, you'll find geometrical, colorful and illustrations that perfectly combine contemporary designs with culture and historical flair throughout creating a hint of timeless modernity.

Baglioni Hotels is an Italian chain of 5-star hotels that boasts 9 exclusive hotels in the hearts of the most important European cultural and artistic centers.

Drogheria Studio has developed a specific branding project for them aimed at emphasizing their special Italian style of hospitality through the free gifts that Baglioni offers to their clients. The project is based on Italian design and architecture from the '50s where inimitable designers/artists such as Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti met and collaborated, influencing many designers in the years to follow.

We revisited the “hand-made” style from a geometric or colour choice point of view to create ever-changing compositions, always original, while remaining rational and coherent. The result is a contemporary style derived from the union between classic illustrations and contemporary graphics that together lend a touch of timeless modernity.

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