Easy as Pie?

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Easy as Pie

When I was emailed instructions on how to post my first blog, my encouraging editor signed off with “Easy as pie.” Ha, I thought, easy for him to say.

Writing or speaking about food, (or anything else, for that matter) is not something I’m expert at. Making you so hungry when you look at one of my styled images that you would break laws to get your lips around it, that I can do.

I realize this is a pretty savvy design community, but some of you still may be wondering what a food stylist is. I’m the person who cooks, prepares, and arranges food and drink on set for photography. These photographs can be used for magazines, cookbooks, catalogs, packaging, signage, and even coupons. You name it. Wherever you see a photograph of food, a “Food Stylist” has prepared it. Welcome to my world.

In future blog posts, I will, of course, have images of food to tantalize you with, but I’m also hoping to find a voice to describe how and why I do what I do. As well as share inspirations and some on and off set happenings.

Pie? I can do that. Blogging about it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and please, no recipe requests, we’d never get anything else done.