Embracing the Unexpected For This Year’s Polish Film Festival

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Traffic Design has injected The Polish Film Festival’s Out Of Home advertising with a flair for the unexpected. Their creative team scoured the city to find ten unique places to showcase their advertisements, and from postcard stands to bakeries to statues; they found perfectly wonderful places. Sometimes it’s necessary to think outside of the box, and with something as creative as a film festival, this advertising campaign has gotten it right.

The Polish Film Festival in Gdynia is an annual event celebrating, highlighting and awarding film creators from all over the country. Its long tradition and well-established reputation bring to Gdynia the most celebrated personae in the industry every year. In short, they’ve got the “serious cultural event” vibe covered. When the festival organizers reached out to us with an idea of putting Andrzej Munk’s 10 commandments of filmmaking “somewhere in the city”, we thought it’s a great opportunity to infuse the festival with a playful spirit. What better way to do so than to send the film lovers and the filmmakers alike on an urban escapade in search of the 10 commandments?

Following this idea, one of our team members meticulously scouted the city in search of places within walking distance from the festival’s headquarters that could be used as ambient advertising spots. We set out to create a typography-based design; simple and allowing necessary variation to adapt the visual style to many outlets. The words of one of the most influential mid-century film directors and educators were dressed in a contemporary typography style, highlighting their evergreen meaning.

Equipped with maps and wind resistant clothing, festival participants and spectators set out to rediscover the vital rules of filmmaking. Join them on the trip!​​​​​​​

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