fagerstrom’s Identity For Marco Interior Design is Effortlessly Simplistic

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The distinguished interior designer Eva Marco Escribano requested the help of fagerström to redesign the branding identity for her studio, Marco. With the goal of attracting new clients, it makes sense that this new identity is cheery, welcoming, and personable. The updated logo is simply the word "Marco," with the last letter represented by an inverted "O," creating a vivid logomark used throughout the entire identity system. Using a simple color palette was a thoughtful choice as it allows the interiors to shine through without distracting from the main event.

Once again, fagerström proves that it knows how to create a lovely identity system that speaks effortlessly from the brand's core.

Eva Marco Estudio is an interior design company that works in both public and private spaces, with a special emphasis on private homes, taking care from the architecture and renovation projects to the decoration.

The studio seeks to improve people's quality of life and help them build their ideal home. For this, the Lead Designer creates aesthetic, bright, harmonious, welcoming and, above all, functional spaces, offering a fully personalized service and with a clear commitment to incorporating pieces of art and design objects in their decoration projects.

The renowned Spanish interior designer Eva Marco Escribano, who founded her studio more than 18 years ago, invited us to develop a new brand identity for her studio, which should correspond to the quality of its projects. Their goal was to attract new clients and develop larger and more challenging projects.

The result is a brand that highlights change, to represent the transformation and improvement that a space experiences through the vision and work of the interior designer.

The new logo consists of a wordmark formed solely by the word Marco, and whose last letter has been modified to create an inverted 'O' that is projected within a square space. With this, we wanted to give greater prominence to the surname, taking advantage of its strength and simplicity, to create an identity that focused less on the person and more on the studio brand.

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