Mutual Aid Gets a Sleek, Fashionable Look with Fermé’s Home Goods

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At the beginning of the pandemic, Montréal designer Anjela Freyja was looking for a way to give back. As a small project to raise money for food insecurity, she designed a line of products perfect for sheltering in place. This project has since expanded into the loungewear and home goods brand Fermé.

The brand gets its name from the French word for “closed,” inspired by the widespread closures of early COVID. Since so many were stuck at home, Freyja wanted to add both dignity and comfort to the experience of quarantine. The resulting products are cozy, sleek, and versatile enough to wear throughout the day. Minimal aesthetics and classic serif fonts lend a consistently approachable feel to Fermé’s brand identity. With its smart, simple design and compassionate origin story, the opportunities for expansion feel endless.

Fermé began in the spring of 2020 during the onset of Covid-19 in an effort to raise money for those without access to food during the pandemic. Fermé, french for closed, is a reference to my home city, Montréal, and all the closed shops, restaurants, and gathering spaces witnessed in the first few months of the pandemic. Since then Fermé has grown into a brand of its own focused around loungewear and homegoods with both seasonal and essentials collections.
The collections are all focused around strong typography and pivot between light and dark, depending on the season.

Project Credits

Anjela Freyja
Photography by Royal Gilbert

Web development by Teo Zamudio.