Fighting For Home With Shelter And Superunion

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Not only does Superunion's branding system for Shelter immediately grab you by the lapels and shake the shit out of you, but it makes you come face to face with the injustices of the housing crisis in the UK.

This campaign titled 'Fight For Home" is helping battle the housing emergency that the UK is currently facing. The branding identity is a rallying cry inspired by the visual language of protest. The logo is impactful, with red brushstrokes that mimic the shape of a roof while also in the form of an arrow pointing towards a more positive future.

The new brand identity and campaign, ‘Fight for Home’ for UK charity, Shelter, marks its mission to fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society in the UK, and show the unfiltered truth behind the national crisis.

Created by our London team, the new brand is inspired by the spirit of activism on which the charity was founded in the 1960s. The brand identity and strap line “Home is Everything” is designed to positively disrupt and represent the fearless and unstoppable determination of Shelter to fight for everyone’s right to a safe home. Using the visual language of protest, the new logo – visualised by a red arrow and created from red brush strokes – combines the iconic shape of a roof with a positive upwards arrow: an urgent symbol that invites participation and demands change.

Launched together with the ‘Fight for Home’ campaign, developed by independent creative agency @whowotwhy and directed by Independent Films’ director of BAFTA-winning ‘Rocks’, Sarah Gavron and Anu Henrique, and set to a track written and composed by @officialwretch32. The brand and campaign is a rallying cry, to cut through the apathy and get people to come together to fight for a solution to the injustice in Britain’s housing system.

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