Brand of the Day: Fireheart Coffee Has Us All Fired Up

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Fireheart is a small-batch British coffee brand, and the creative studio, Buddy, has created the identity system for the brand that'll make you want to drink coffee all day and night. One of the most notable pieces of this identity system is the graphical "F" logo pieced together through three visual elements: a nod to the three founders of the company. It's clean and straightforward, making for a beautiful logo, and the graphical shapes are used throughout the entire identity system. Combine these shapes with vivid and funky colors, and you have yourself a brand that knows how to have fun while still maintaining a modern identity. Wake up and smell the Fireheart.

Fireheart is a super-fresh, small-batch British coffee brand that’s as big on ethics as it is on character. Available via online subscription, carefully selected beans are roasted and posted to order. We came up with a bold, bright and disruptive identity that deliberately breaks away from the usual visual cues of coffee packaging. The F logo, made up of three simple geometric shapes, nods to the three founders. More than this, it provides the inspiration and building blocks for a really dynamic look and feel across all packaging and marketing.

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