Flags Handmade From Bandanas — Inspiration to Keep Sewing

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Recently I finished making 65 flags from bandanas for a Levis project. This version was considerably less time consuming than the previous set of flags which were all made from vintage Levis jeans.

From sourcing bandanas to sewing them together to hand-pounding the grommets, these puppies turned out really cool.

We used a stitch called the feld stitch which is common along the pant leg of Levis jeans.

the feld stitch

Natural cotton fabric and nickel grommets were used for the edges of the flags.

Tada! The final windows…

Antlre Inc. Bandana Flags for Levis

This is a shot from in-store, they turned out great, I am thrilled!

Antlre Inc. Bandana Flags for Levis

Now, of course I am on a bandana obsession. I feel like making curtains and bedspreads, you would think I would have had enough, I think I may be just getting started… Feel free to send in ideas!

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