Free the Birds Creates Branding and Positioning For New Microneedle Skin Care Brand Vice Reversa

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Free The Birds is a consulting agency working to elevate brands through beautiful thinking. The agency newly revealed its brand positioning for Vice Reversa, a micro-needling skincare brand that's both clear and memorable.

The exclamation mark icon indicates that the brand is an expert in the industry and unabashedly so. Moreover, the branding system is bright and efficient without feeling too medical or overconfident. A fine line was navigated while creating this identity, but Free The Birds guided Vice Reversa on the right path.

Creative agency Free The Birds has revealed a bold brand positioning for Vice Reversa, a new skincare brand creating a range of painless microneedle patches for common issue areas. Tasked with the challenge of more effectively communicating the scientific intelligence behind the brand’s formula – both to help elevate its visibility and re-assert its credibility in the competitive luxury wellness market – the agency has reinvigorated Vice Reversa’s brand placement and tone of voice through new iconography, brand assets and brand guidelines.

Identifying an opportunity to create a distinct and recognisable visual brand mark for the company, Free The Birds introduced a new exclamation mark icon (!) as a homage both to the company’s expertise in microneedle patches and the product’s direct application and quick results. The message is further expounded by the introduction of the headline message “Precisely” and corresponding tagline “precision skincare” which accompany the logo on digital platforms and aim to highlight the medical-grade quality of the products.

Free The Birds was also brought in as a consultant on Vice Reversa’s digital image and social media communications. The project included supporting the redesign of the brands website, creation of social media assets and user-generated content advisory.

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