Free Time With Jenny Blake Is Reaching New Heights

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Together, an agency based in Brooklyn has developed the branding strategy, identity system, messaging, art, iconography system, and animation for Jenny Blake, an author, and business strategist. During COVID-19 and the pivots it brought to both professionals and business, Jenny knew that her skills and methodologies could be beneficial, so she created a podcast, insider community, and a book. The brand strategy reflects Jenny's trademark style of merging systems thinking with soul-aligned business decisions through bold iconography and the blissful color combination of blue and red. Business and leadership are often topics that aren't approachable, but Together has created an identity system that brings joy to the world of these sometimes daunting topics. Overall, this brand will help you find your wings.

A former career coach at Google before leaning into full-time solo-entrepreneurship, Jenny Blake found herself entering a new era of her work. As professionals everywhere were abruptly pivoted into a new way of working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she knew it was time to let her heart-based business methodology take flight: through a podcast, insider community, and forthcoming book.

She turned to Together to help design a brand identity that showcases the tangibly effervescent spirit of her new direction. We landed on a two-identity system with logos related in spirit and design, but still able to stand on their own—one for the Free Time podcast, and one for Heart-Based Business, the core idea of Jenny's thought leadership.

The brand design reflects Jenny's signature style of merging systems thinking with soul-aligned business decisions. The Free Time podcast would explore how to re-engineer the way your mind, time, and team work. Heart-Based Business would be the embodiment of these practices: an approach that brings joy, ease, and abundance to the forefront of business-building, and that optimizes for the bigger picture of your work, lifestyle, and legacy.

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Project Credits


Creative Director: Adam Chaloeicheep

Brand Strategy: Marisol Dahl

Brand Design: Philip Johnson

Animation: Patrick Coyle