Game On With Liquid Arcade’s Rebrand

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Liquid Arcade is an advertising agency that focuses on the biggest brands in gaming and entertainment. Because of their focus in these two industries, they needed branding to match. Sunday Afternoon has created a dynamic identity system rooted in the early 90's arcades and video game inspiration. Adding this splash of nostalgia proves that Liquid Arcade has the history and fearlessness to move the industry forward and shake things up for their clients. This identity system is fresh but appreciates the classics.

Liquid + Arcade is an advertising agency of fans mixing work and play with some of the biggest brands in gaming and entertainment. Our team was tasked to rebrand Liquid Advertising and launch LIQUID + ARCADE as an all encompassing agency providing soup to nuts services, from strategy development to creating authentic partnerships to media valuations and creative work. We rooted the development of the new logo mark into the world of early 90's video games and arcades. The team created a custom logotype inspired by neon signage. Each character is comprised of an inner and outer stroke, symbolizing the duality of Liquid+Arcade as both a media and creative service agency.

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