General Motors Reveals a New Futuristic Logo

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I think we all know that redesigns can be tricky. Consumers don’t love change; we get so sentimental when a brand redesigns unless they use design queues that feed to our nostalgia. Queue last week’s Burger King redesign. It received so much praise for going back to the retro logo design. Now GM decided to redesign, and well, I don’t love it, but the more I look at it, the more I feel like I’ll get used to it?

A historical look at the logo designs throughout the years.

The company said in a statement:

The new GM logo features a color gradient of vibrant blue tones, evoking the clean skies of a zero-emissions future and the energy of the Ultium platform [GM’s EV battery system]. The rounded edges and lower-case font create a more modern, inclusive feel. The underline of the “m” connects to the previous GM logos as well as visually representing the Ultium platform. And within the negative space of the “m” is a nod to the shape of an electrical plug.

General Motors new direction is inspired by taking a large initiative to launching an electric vehicle marketing campaign to direct their vision to a clean vehicle company, rather than a builder of gas-powered pickups and SUVs. I understand the redesign and like I mentioned before it will just take sometime to get use to.

Via: AP News

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