Get Ready to Be Mesmerized By Princess Stardust’s Otherworldly Packaging

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Designed with Studio Nüe, Princess Stardust is a range of CBD gummies and facemasks. Each of the different colors found on the packaging represents the different outcomes of the products. For example, the blue-green hue represents sleep, whereas the salmon shade signifies the more relaxing side effects of the products. In addition, the logo on the packaging is holographic with a few letters out of place, entirely mesmerizing anyone who lays their eyes on this magical product.

Princess Stardust, the new superheroine from the Well-Being universe has landed. On board are super-powered soft gums and glow for our skin that is out of this world. Specializing in magical botanical ingredients like premium CBD, Princess Stardust knows how to turn astronomical stress, crummy days and sleepless nights into antimatter. The products are designed to shuttle us through everyday life with good feelings.

In a close coworking Studio NÜE and Andrea Gercken & Sebastian Brack created the universe of Princess Stardust.

A brand that hits a new level of well-being and wants so distance itself from common CBD products. We were so lucky to create this new and unknown look.

Project Credits

Concept by Andrea Gercken

Branding, Packaging & Webdesign by Studio NÜE

Texts by Silke Denk

3D Renderings & Animations by Schaum cc