Getting Groovy with Outpost Cannabis Co.’s Finest Jazz Cabbage

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The design and branding studio Makers & Allies found a missing niche in the California cannabis industry that was so simple it was amazing that no one tapped into it yet.

Meet Outpost Cannabis Co., the country music listening, football watching, John Deere loving sector of the marijuana industry. There's nothing wrong with being casual and easygoing, and this brand has embraced these qualities wholeheartedly. From the craft paper packaging and the simple script font to messaging that includes, "Get off your phone, go outside, and smoke some weed," we're just going to roll with it.

Outpost, growing frontier flower in Santa Barbara County, is many things (sun-grown, sustainable, and family-operated to name a few) but it is definitively not highbrow. Think an ice-cold Coors on the back of a dinged-up pickup. After extensive market research, we found a niche in the crowded California cannabis industry for this affordable, no-nonsense brand by pairing its casual, straightforward ethos with a sophisticated and iconic package.

And keeping in line with Outpost's brand personality, we hid a good amount of on-brand easter eggs. From a toking mountain lion on the gusset (alluding to where the flower is grown) to a pair of eagles sharing a joint on the back, there are lots of little details that speak to the brand that the consumer can dive into after rolling a j and enjoying some of Outpost's jazz cabbage.

Project Credits

Agency: Makers & Allies

Client: Outpost Cannabis Co.