Ginger·it Makes the Case For Fresh Design

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The Barcelona-based Palouzié Studio is the creative mastermind behind the naming, identity, and package design for Ginger·it. The food brand is working to supply consumers with healthy and sustainable products, and the branding and packaging are entirely inviting of a fresh space. Additionally, the dynamic typography on each product adds an extra design element that makes the product line feel cohesive while allowing each product to stand powerfully on its own. 

Naming, identity and packaging system design for a food brand that wants to be a benchmark for a healthy, collaborative and sustainable lifestyle with beneficial, original products and artisans of controlled production.

The typographic logo is built with different widths and heights. We highlight the G as a symbol that hides an arrow that connotes to start again, rethink, reuse, redecide …

An updated quality seal accompanies the logo on the products supporting the brand-conscious narrative.

Modifying the Formula Condensed typography, we make a rounded version, closer, more natural, but maintaining the strong character of the brand.

Ginger · it produces small-scale kombutxa, vegetable creams, vegetable burgers, etc., and at the same time wants to be a reference channel sharing its knowledge.

Project Credits
Palouzié Studio