‘Good & Common’ is Making Civil Rights Education More Accessible

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Civil rights lawyer DeWitt Lacy and San Francisco design studio Landscape partnered to create a free educational resource on the American civic system. This platform, “Good & Common,” aims to demystify individual rights and keep Americans informed on societal matters as they arise.

“Good & Common” places a high priority on User Experience by ensuring that the technology is straightforward. The bold, legible typeface used throughout the site has a classic, journalistic look with an appreciated sense of professionalism. Its black and white color palette creates a sense of sophistication, while striking, occasional splashes of red add a compelling sense of urgency. This complimentary aid proves that tech and social platforms can be used for good when influential minds come together.

Good & Common, a free online educational platform that empowers Americans to know and use their civil rights, launches today. The platform is a collaboration between celebrated civil rights lawyer, DeWitt Lacy and the San Francisco-based brand strategy and design studio, Landscape.

Landscape worked with Lacy to bring his vision to life in the form of a new brand and online resource, starting with research and strategy, leading to a visual identity and web design, followed by writing and content creation for the digital experience. 

DeWitt Lacy, founder of Good & Common says: “In these crucial times, where there are daily attacks on our individual rights, there is a need to use new forms of media and technology to educate regular people on their civil rights. With Landscape’s help, we’ve created a platform that harnesses new media and tech for the good of Americans across the country.” 

Adam Weiss, Founder & Executive Creative Director, Landscape says: “Fundamentally, Good & Common was created in an effort to help protect life and strengthen community. We’re proud to have played a role in realizing DeWitt’s vision, and are hopeful the platform will support our social fabric nation-wide. 

Social impact at scale

DeWitt Lacy has been a civil rights attorney for the past 12 years. He has fought vigorously on criminal and litigation cases pertaining to police misconduct and brutality, and has successfully prosecuted wrongful death actions and civil rights violations throughout the State of California.

Partnering with Landscape as a result of the studio’s initiative to support Bay-Area Black-owned businesses, Lacy’s ambition was to distil his career knowledge into a free platform that would educate and empower Americans to use their civil rights when interacting with law enforcement.  

Landscape, which has helped clients ranging from Google and Intel to The Kelsey, selected Lacy’s project proposal because it offered a chance to create meaningful and much-needed social impact at scale in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.

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