Good Light is Setting the Non-Binary Standard In the Beauty Industry

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Lately, the beauty industry has been making strides in becoming more clued in on what the world needs in makeup, skincare, and nail care. For example, Lil Yachty's nail polish like CRETE is a prime example of an inclusive and nonbinary line. Creating products and lines inclusive for all is something the industry has been in dire need of for a long time.

Good Light, developed by David Yi, is another nonbinary beauty brand that's all about inspiring others in every shape and form. The line was inspired and informed by Very Good Light, a digital community focusing on beauty tips, how-tos, personal essays, and celebrity interviews.

The branding and identity system designed by Center, the Brooklyn-based design agency, is neutral, soft, and inclusive through its straightforward typography, floral, and space-inspired details. The moth is the symbol behind it all because it's a relative of the butterfly and always drawn to the light. Ultimately, it represents vulnerability and determination for the upstart brand. The visual representation that Center has created is extraordinarily focused on the overall purpose without being cliched or over the top. Being gender neutral doesn't mean that the identity has to lack in color and style; in fact, it makes sense that there would be more of both, which is precisely what the creative agency has accomplished.

Your identity, complexion, and skin type don't determine whether or not this product is for you as it's meant for everyone. It's hard to find a brand that can create a cohesive line of gorgeous packaging, a critical mission that comes across effortlessly, and branding that's unmatched. Good Light has amazingly surpassed accomplishing these feats.