Goods & Mama Delivers Home Cooked Meals With Playful Illustrations

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Goods & Mama is a brand for every type of mom. Delivering easy homecooked meals, this brand is all about making life simpler and healthier with less effort. Designed by Sarah Mossallam, the branding system is refreshing, entertaining, and loaded with color. Not only do the featured illustrations make an impact on the design, but they illustrate the healthy ingredients that are packed within. 

Goods & Mama is a brand By moms for moms, its for the working mom, the young mom, stay at home moms, the aim is to help moms navigate the motherhood lifestyle much easier
offering super healthy, homecooked easy meals and snacks for moms delivered right to their doors.

The brand wanted to focus on the health forward apporach they have while at the same time making it a platform for toddlers to learn more about their food and get excited about it
The concept was to illustrate “the Goods” all the good healthy ingridients used in the foodboth to highlight it and make it an approachable brand mascot for toddlers to relate to.

Project Credits

Sarah Mossallam