Gostid’s Branding and Packaging Isn’t What You’d Expect From a Typical Dental Brand

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There's nothing fun about your teeth. Things might be different if you're a dentist, but dealing with your teeth is a chore for most people. Enrique Puerto created the identity for the clear aligner brand Gostid. The identity was built around a trustworthy brand, but it's one that's also filled with a fun-loving nature. Through funky illustrations and bright colors, as well as bubbly typography, brings this brand to life.

A Mexican producer of clear aligners based on Yucatán & Quintana Roo came to us in need of a name, brand, identity, and packaging that would help them stand out in the aligner's market. With a clear mission of uncomplicating the complicated world of dentistry, they offer premium products with excellent care to their clients.

Having on mind transparency, they needed a name that matched everything they do with fun and a spirit of modernity, avoiding the "smile" cliché. Therefore, we landed on gostid®, a trustworthy moniker that perfectly aligns with their ethos.

Our challenge was to create an identity that could be seen as professional, approachable and fun-loving, whilst standing out from competitors. With a name such as gostid® it was important to inject brightness and fun into the illustrations, in order to create an identity that wasn't soulless nor boring. As a result, we designed a bright and happy brand, for extraordinary and confident people.

The ghost is the character who guarantees companionship and commitment every step of the way. The smile character was created as gostid's signature, an unafraid of putting their name on everything they do.

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Enrique Puerto