Grow Helps Pophouse Pop

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Grow is a strategy, innovation, and design agency based in Stockholm. The agency recently worked with the holding company Pophouse to create a vision, purpose, and value proposition for the company that translated into an engaging visual identity. Each piece of the branding system works together with contrasting colors and vibrant imagery to take on an industry that constantly competes with consumers’ attention and loyalty. 

Pophouse is a holding company consisting of well-known entertainment brands within stage productions, arenas, hotels, restaurants, meeting and events, exhibitions, e-sport and podcast productions. Present in a wide range of areas, Pophouse has the aspiration to become the obvious choice in a world where everything can be entertainment and scale itself across the globe.

In such a highly competitive, diverse and international sector, Pophouse aims to fuse its passion for entertainment with an inspirational goal to create a richer life for the many.

Grow was trusted to bring the brand to life by creating the vision, purpose and value proposition, which guided our way through the creative process to evolve the brand into a bold visual expression.

Simply, making ideas pop.

The visual identity aims to be powerful and versatile. The nature of the solid forms in the logo has been inspired by the fusion of smaller units merging to create something bigger and stronger. Imagine two water drops on a flat surface that touches each other, come together and create a larger water drop. The result in this case is a generous word mark which, depending on context, can be filled with different types of visual material and present and represent completely different expressions and energies. Thanks to the logo’s unique and solid structure, it can also be used in abbreviated mode in required contexts.

The logo, together with the airy typography, contrasting colors and vibrant imagery, creates an entirety that will take on an industry where the competition for the audience’s attention and loyality is fierce.

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