Half Full Brewing Co. Is Destigmatizing Mental Health Struggles, One Beer At A Time

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There's undoubtedly a stigma surrounding mental health, and while every day we, as a society, are working towards destigmatizing it, some demographics struggle at exponential rates. In the UK alone, the suicide rate for men in 2019 was at its highest in two decades, and according the the Office for National Statistics those aged 45-49 are at the highest risk, a staggering statistic.

The conceptual brewing company Half Full Brewing Co. is on a mission to destigmatize the conversations and education around mental health and help men begin these frequently complex conversations to receive the help they need.

Half Full is also aware that struggling with mental health can translate to alcohol abuse and the association with alcohol as a whole. Instead of ignoring this connection, the brewing company tackled it head-on by infiltrating pubs, breweries, and beer. The thoughtful engagement creates an identity that puts a dramatic spin on so-called masculine customs and traditions to make men stop in their tracks and think deeply about more significant issues surrounding mental health.

The visuals designed by FR(inside)ED seen throughout the system are playful and witty with a bold and industrial look and feel. Half Full Brewing Co went into the visuals with the intent to make the struggle of mental health something that doesn't have to be alienating, confusing, or discouraging.

With that in mind, the visuals are approachable and often full of puns and plays on words. Coasters reading "Don't bottle it up" and beer cans that proudly announce "for bitter days" make for a mission that casually dismantles the stigmas surrounding mental health in an accessible manner, one beer at a time.

You might think that the destigmatization of mental health is a lofty mission, but it’s important to note that projects like Half Full Brewing Co.’s are the stepping stones towards a more accepting and educated community. Tackling the understanding from the ground up is how mental health not only becomes something people aren’t afraid to speak about, but something people are knowledgeable about and aware of.