Hear The One About The Carrot And The Stick? So Did The Agencies Heydays And Goods

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Carrot‘s software was dreamed up to help ensure our waste becomes more circular. Essentially, we commonly pay a flat fee for someone to haul off our trash. It doesn’t matter how much trash you’re throwing out or even if you took the time to sort your recycling. 

With Carrot, however, the idea is that you can cut down on that trash bill depending on what you’re throwing out exactly and what company or person you contract to throw it out. Carrot does this by cataloging that waste and then selling it to producers or manufacturers as a raw material that can get repurposed—that way, we can make the world just a teensy bit more sustainable.

For the software to be approachable, trustworthy, and, well, cool, they enlisted the help of Heydays and Goods to create a robust strategy, naming, and identity system. The agencies intended to develop a concept based on the idea of cataloging waste. To do so, they created a tool that could output hundreds of distinctive illustrations of all materials and resources, previously known as “trash.” 

The campaign and copywriting were created by the creative team Torny&Ingrid, and the result is a dynamic yet show-stoppingly visual system sure to make viewers stop and learn more about the software. And we can tell you, unsurprisingly, that isn’t the case for many software systems. 

While the software is concerned with sorting people’s unused materials, it’s worth taking a closer glance at the color palette chosen. With a name like “Carrot,” it’s unsurprising that orange is a primary color. However, the chartreuse and deep olive greens are colors most brands dealing with “trash” might want to stay away from as these colors are easily associated with uncleanliness. 

It’s the bold choice of hues and the solid execution that makes this brand system stand out. A job well done, and software we can’t wait to see put to work.