HERO Is The Real Way To Shop Virtually

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Before the internet, all shopping had to be done in person. Imagine that. Thankfully, online shopping has made a breakthrough, despite lacking one significant aspect: the human touch. HERO is a new virtual shopping brand that enables eCommerce brands and retailers to achieve high-touch service to online shoppers. 

With branding and identity by CRAIG PARSONS, the use of dynamic type and graphic layers allows the brand to speak for itself. The color palette is bold and striking, showcasing the power of the digital age, especially when combined with tangible aspects. 

HERO® is the real way to shop virtually. 

Online shopping lacks the human touch – Hero is on a mission to change that. Working with Hero founder Adam Levene and design team to express, evolve and create their identity was as personal and polished an experience as their platform! 

Together we imagined and articulated their future, their positioning and where they matter most to their customer and the consumer. The identity was created to answer to their hyper-personalised online experience, a one-on-one connection for virtual shoppers. At a time where life was as isolated and remote as we have ever known it to be, Hero was poised to empower eCommerce brands and retailers to deliver high-touch service to online shoppers. 

Today, HERO® has grown from a startup to the world leader in video and conversational commerce, in partnership with the world’s fastest-growing brands and retail groups including Nike, Levi’s and LVMH. The company has raised more than $15m in funding.

I’m grateful to have partnered with Hero at such an iconic time in their history – launching their new identity in February, and the recent announcement of their acquisition by Klarna.

The new wordmark was designed to showcase Hero’s mission to engage IRL interaction with the URL space. The identity combines dynamic type, created for robust application in a phygital environment, with graphic layers that deliver personality punches to the communication.

At the highest level of the identity, Hero is recognised as black and white, punctuated with a new Active Red. We wanted to extend the functional palette to the people, with a transient colour set that moves with them at the speed of fashion and design trends. A range of cooler tones are applied alongside a premium yet understated palette to give them flex, catering to their partner collaborations.

The arrangement of their assets aimed to showcase that Hero is more than a technology company, they are people too. 

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