How Do You Measure the Value of Creativity in a Brand?

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For some, the concept of brand and branding is still a bit fuzzy. Back in 1974, when the world still thought of brands as “just another word for logo”, Interbrand introduced the idea that they were actually valuable business assets and should be treated with care, creativity, and innovation. This approach revolutionized the way the world looked at the idea of branding and helped some of the biggest companies in the world understand and capitalize on the value of their brand.

Next Wednesday at 4 p.m, Interbrand’s Chief Global Creative Officer Andy Payne presents an inside look at Interbrand’s approach to branding and discusses how strong brand and creativity plays important role in brand creation management and success.

Payne will show how brands create value (both financially and personally) and offer 7 key principles that define some of the world’s most influential brands. They include:

  1. Clarity – A brand’s values, positioning, and proposition must be clearly expressed to the organization, the target audience and all involved.

  2. Relevance – estimates how well a brand fits customer needs, desires and decision criteria across all appropriate demographics and geographies.

  3. Understanding – an in-depth discussion of the brands distinctive qualities and characteristics, as well as those of the brand owner.

  4. Differentiation – the degree to which the brand standouts from the competition through positioning and perception.

  5. Presence – measures the impact of the brand on consumers, customers and opinion formers.

  6. Consistency – the strength of a brand will help it to be consistent, which is growing more and more difficult.

  7. Responsiveness – learn how strong brands evolve, adapt and take advantage of today’s challenges and opportunities.

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Some samples of Interbrand’s work:

Interbrand unified NIVEA's logos worldwide.

Intebrand developed a strategy to align the new Thomson Reuters brand with its business vision

Interband created a new identity for the Ryder Cup.

About Andy Payne: He joined Interbrand in 1994 and has worked on some of the firm’s most prestigious projects and has experience in a diverse range of industries. Founded in 1974, Interbrand is recognized for being at the forefront of the dialogue on brands as business assets. Today, Interbrand is amongst the largest brand consultancies and has grown to include 40 offices in 25 countries. Prior to Interbrand, he was a founding member of Saatchi & Saatchi Design, working on accounts such as BP, Toyota, Lexus, ICI and Swatch. He left in 1991 to travel the world, stopping off in Australia to work with Oral B, Westpac Banking Corporation, and Cathay Pacific.